Finally, in the studio with Tadd!  Hello folks, I am happy to announce that I will headed back to Systems Two in Brooklyn (my favorite studio in which to record) in two weeks to finally record my Tadd Dameron Vocal project.  It is an appropriate and timely offering for one of the architects of the bebop era who  also celebrates a Centennial this year! It will include an all star octet of some of your favorite and well known jazz artists playing arrangements of Tadd’s music by several of our most notable Jazz masters. See Dameron page at vanessarubin.com  for more details.

For many years I have touted the music of Tadd Dameron, also a fellow Clevelander, and have been developing an all vocal recording project of some of his well known and obscure vocal tunes.  Already a celebrated arranger, band leader and pianist during the bebop era, Tadd’s genius was further highlighted in 1955 with the most profound recording of his classic, If You Could See Me Now, by the great Sarah Vaughn. There have been many instrumental recordings of Tadd’s music over the years, but what makes this project unique is that it will be the first all vocal recording of Tadd’s music. I sincerely, hope this project will not only shed a brighter spotlight on a phenomenal musician deserving greater recognition and who was also dubbed “the romanticist of the bebop period”, but most importantly I hope it will encourage singers to sing more Dameron.!  Tadd said and I am sure you will agree,  “Sure it’s got to be beautiful, but it has to swing.”

My Fall 2016 European Tour was a HUGE Success!! Thanks to everyone who came out and even others who offered their support through social media. Hope you enjoyed the photos on Facebook! Check out my “Times to Remember” page to see the moments you missed.

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